If you have questions or concerns about your learning environment or about conduct that you have experienced or witnessed you can contact the REDI office at or Robyn Campol, the REDI Learning Environment Advisor directly at

Robyn is a compassionate practitioner with many years’ experience in health care settings who understands how difficult it can be to reach out with a concern. Robyn will provide support, provide information, answer your questions and, if you wish, review options for you to consider to deal with your question or concern.

Alternatively you can use our online reporting system to describe your concern or experience either anonymously or confidentially. If you make a confidential report someone from REDI will respond within 48 hours to follow up.

Making a report directly or online is not the same as making a formal complaint. No action will be taken with respect to your confidential report until we have discussed with you the scope of your consent to share information you provide.